Monday, February 17, 2014

Reaching our Farthest Points South - Part Three (of Three)

I've decided to spend an entire post on this little island. Technically, it was only a couple of hours North of Zihuatanejo. In fact, while our guide books call it "Isla Grande", it is locally known as "Isla Ixtapa". We had heard mixed things about it but decided to spend a day and night there to check it out. It turned out to be one of our all-time favorite anchorages thus far. We had so much fun there!!! We ended up staying 3 nights and even contemplated staying one more. Lovely clean, clear water, sandy beach, great food. Fun times. The photos say it all:
Sitting at a palapa on the beach, gazing at Appa at anchor
Sand Dollar and Appa
The kids on "The Great Mable"

There they go!!!
Swim Babies
They were so lovely and kind and then even gave the kids a few minutes on the jet skies!!
Our friends Paul and Carol from S/V Unleashed

Ben diving off the boat, Sand Dollar anchored in the background
The view of the beach from Appa 
Marcus towing the kids in Sand Dollar's inflatable!

Who's peaking her head up from the inflatable?? The mighty Samey!
And there she is again, jumping and jumping and jumping again off the boat!

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