Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Appa and the crew gather in Neah Bay, Washington for the San Francisco delivery

Today was a BIG day for Appa! Holm Abrecht, Max Albrecht, Chris Carden, Rich Bustamante and I left Seattle this morning in Rich's Suburban to drive up to Neah Bay. Marcus, Patrick "Papa" Fox and Jugurtha Azzouz had arrived there late last night from Port Townsend after leaving Seattle on Monday, August 12. We met up with them at the Makah Marina, moored right next to Non Sequitur! Pete and Rachelle Jacobsen were there knee deep in projects. Scott Malone had just arrived and we missed seeing Mary by about an hour. Pete's brother Eric was also around. The four of them are also San Francisco-bound. All was well. Marcus, Papa and Jugurtha told us that they had a long motor to get to Neah Bay and not much weather excitement. They spent the time organizing, eating and doing other boat projects, including re-wiring the reading lamp above my head in the stateroom.

Here is a photo of the crew today aboard Appa (guess who is the skipper?):
The Crew

We unloaded a ton of food and personal items that we had brought along and then Jugurtha and I left them to put it all away and get ready to head down the coast. As Jugurtha and I drove away from Neah Bay along the coast heading back to Seattle, we saw a whale so close we could hear it from the car. We stopped and took a photo (see the whale spout below). Very long driving day but also a very exciting day!

Whale Spouting off the coast near Neah Bay

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