Monday, August 19, 2013

Finally, Day 5, Some News from the Delivery Crew

Marcus finally called me this afternoon from the satellite phone. I had not heard from him since Saturday evening so I was busy convincing myself not be worried. But I was. Just a little. Until then, we had been in truly amazing contact. I could call him and ask him even silly questions and send him texts with photos like he was at work across town. But then it was silence. A little unnerving. When you go on and it goes from a huge map of the US and then zooms down to a little, little boat off the coast and I think that my husband, my son and four other very important human beings are on that little floating piece of a French Princess Wench (what we call "Appa" since she is basically Marcus' mistress and takes all his time and attention, devotion and obedience!)... it can be pretty sobering. But today he finally called and I knew he was attempting to not worry me about what the crew has been through in the last 36 hours. I imagine I will get the full story when they are safely docked in Alameda. But I gathered the following from our 2 minute talk: BIG storm hit them, big winds, Max was seasick after not taking the seasick patch, Holm did a great job steering and was a big asset and that they are only 25 miles from San Francisco already! They were planning on being there by Friday in the best case scenario so this is amazing news. They'll be there tonight or tomorrow already! He said the boat did really well and he seemed happy and somewhat relieved. And scared as in "after-the-fact" heart palpitations. But the connection was not great and the conversation was short so I don't really know much but I was glad to hear his voice. Meanwhile, my preparations of the house and kids continues. Dry, stable, no storms here. Just BIG HECTIC. And probably the same level of exhaustion. And of the "rocky-rollies". There is still so much to do to get ready to go. I am shooting for Wednesday, August 28 to leave Seattle in our car with Ben and Samantha and drive to Portland, then Redwoods on the 29th, then Alameda on the 30th. It all depends on if I can get it all together here by then.
Here is the only photo his Android sent to my iPhone during the whole delivery thus far (apparently he sent others but I have not received them):

Max, on Appa.

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