Monday, January 27, 2014

Reflections: 25 Things You Get Used to Cruising in Mexico

1. Trash. Everywhere. On land and at sea.
2. Loud music blaring from bars/palapas into the wee hours of the morning.
3. Free-range dogs everywhere.
4. Small limes. Tons of them.
5. Kamikaze birds dive bombing everywhere.
6. Salty towels.
7. Shower stalls that lacked forethought in their construction.
8. Frustrating internet choices, often worthless.
9. VHF radio.
10. Cruiser's nets on the VHF radio.
11. Bugs.
12. Fishing nets. In your way.
13. Plastic everywhere.
14. Plastic washtubs used for food preparation.
15. Sodas often more costly than the food. Our favorites are "Lift" (carbonated apple) and Fresca (grapefruit flavor).
16. Spontaneous alters for the Virgin Mary and other saints. In someone's yard. Between fences, etc. Often gloriously decorated.
17. Safety hazards that remain unprotected and unmarked. Like playgrounds with sharp metal and holes in the slides.
18. Long walks from docks to the bathroom.
19. Small tiendas (shops) that sell small quantities of a wide variety of groceries.
20. Pangas.
21. Everyone greets you as you pass by or responds to your greetings.
22. "Day of the Dead" decorations. I love the skeletons everywhere.
23. Partially-finished buildings, often colorful, often with animals (like horses) in them.
24. Not much coffee or coffee shops (if you like that kind of thing)
25. Tequila. Preferably with the small limes noted in #2.

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