Monday, January 6, 2014

The miracle of dolphins

Riding on the noses of two dolphins!!!!
I want to apologize for blogging so infrequently. I want to write more but it is such a challenge. The internet (or lack of it), the lack of time alone with my thoughts AND a computer at the same time, the worry about what to post, the food, the schooling, the messy boat, the cluttered boat, the laundry, the too many books I have been reading, the pure exhaustion when everyone is actually in bed - it makes for putting my blog last on the list of things to do in a day. But then, yesterday, we had such an amazing experience that I can't help but blog... We went to Aquaventures (Nuevo Vallarta - yes, we are still in Banderas Bay after a month!!!), a water park that has a "dolphin experience", and got the "Royal" package.  It was worth every penny!!! Everyone - adults too! - loved the water park with slides and tubes and lazy river and "the toilet" and "the tooth breaker" and the works (but the whole park was small, just the right size and NOT crowded!!). The whole crew from Sand Dollar, Eric and Cora (age 3) from Rebel Heart, Isiah (age 5) and his mom Helen from Raireva joined us, as well as Steve and Sasha (age 5), our new friends from Bucerias. The little kids loved the young kids section and spent HOURS there together splashing and sliding. Just some of us (Sand Dollar and us, minus Marcus and JC who watched) went over to do the dolphin experience and went back to play afterwards. What absolutely amazing animals they are. We had such a great time!! 60 minutes in a group of 10 (including Samey!!). In true Mexican style, it was a casual and fun experience. Not hyped. Not too many rules. Not too regimented. Relaxed. Refreshing. I wasn't even sure if they would let me take Samey with me but they did and not only did they let her get in the pool with us, the instructor went out of his way to let her ride on her own in the pool with one of them on its tummy. Such kind and gently creatures. It was one of the most singularly exhilarating experiences of my life to see her just holding on and riding on the dolphin's tummy. It was breathtaking! She is so brave, so independent! And Benny was so brave, too. And Max just kept saying how he wants one for his own!!! He loves dolphins. I wonder if he could ever craft a life for himself working with them. I am SO glad we did this here.

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  1. So glad to hear that you are finding some joy in your experiences, it sounds like this was just the thing you needed. I caught up on your earlier posts, and it sounds like things were quite a struggle for a while. thinking of you and miss you! (Lisa Marsh)