Saturday, September 14, 2013

Getting ready to leave Morro Bay... heading into a night of wind.

As I type this, we are getting the boat ready to head down to the Channel Islands. High winds and rough seas are predicted and I am steeling myself for a night of discomfort. I've got my scope patch on... We've had such a great time here in Morro Bay. Such a nice little town and I'd come again to see it. There is a sand spit across the channel and, as I write this, Marcus has taken Ben and Samey on the dinghy there one last time. They so love the beach and there is almost nothing better than watching them play freely, unconstrained together in the sand. Max is attempting to get caught up on schoolwork while we have great internet service. Marcus is providing guidance now and things seem to be better on track than they were before. We were joined late last night by our Seattle friends on Sand Dollar for a brief interlude. They have already shoved off early this afternoon and are heading in the same direction but on a different schedule. We hope to meet up with them again tomorrow in the Channel Islands if weather permits and if not then at the latest in San Diego. Ben loved spending time with Easton as they are fast friends. So cute watching them carry the shopping bag together back from Albertson's with our provisions and sharing a tray of sushi (Easton's first). Kaley and Nate seem to be holding up well and enjoying their adventure and Shauna and JC are very organized and deliberate in everything they do. And meeting their skipper, Al, was interesting, too. Not sure when we'll have internet again if we are able to anchor in the Channel Islands. I'll keep you posted, as they say!

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