Thursday, September 12, 2013

Monterey Bay, Cannery Row, Seals and Otters

We've now been two nights in Monterey Bay at the Municipal Marina. All day and all night the harbor seals (some of whom are HUGE) are barking.  BARKING. Hundreds of them. I went to do laundry the night we arrived and almost stepped on an otter who was lounging on the dock! Scared the bejebus out of me. And at the far end of the dock a huge bull was barking away. Kind of amazing how much they "own" the harbor. We did an excursion yesterday and walked down Cannery Row. Samey picked all these flowers for me.
We spent some wonderful hours at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. My favorite part by far was the jellyfish exhibit.
Ben loved the Deep Sea Tank that had three Hammerhead Sharks and two huge sea turtles as well as some amazingly large tuna fish. Samey liked the gifts shops with all the stuffies but somehow we managed to get out of all of them without having to make a purchase!!! We stopped at a little beach, San Carlos Beach, on our way back to the boat.
Today, Max, Ben and I did schoolwork in the morning while Marcus and Sam did a scooter/bike adventure. We walked into town to Starbucks to get internet and next we'll go to Trader Joe's to get some more provisions. I am loving the time together as a family. Tonight, we'll do an overnight as our plan is to get to Morro Bay (17 hours away).

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