Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sun-shiny Morro Bay

We decided to do an overnighter so as to travel at night from Monterey Bay to Morro Bay. It seemed like a good idea to do it when the little kids would be asleep. And Marcus loves that kind of sailing. Despite weather warnings from other boats we have connected with along the way and who are waiting in Monterey Bay, we decided to rely on Marcus' read on the weather predictions and leave last night.
A boat in Monterey with a great name!!
Once again, the seas were so benign and the tides and winds helpful. We ate some chicken stir-fry while underway and watched Surf's Up which is one of Marcus' favorite movies. Samey watched the whole thing and loved it, too. She says she wants to surf! Afterwards, I went below with Samey and we basically slept the majority of the ride which took us 17 hours (109 nautical miles). It was rocky-rolly but really not bad at all. Ben was with us awhile and then up top (tethered, of course, as were Max and Marcus) with the big boys. It was a long but relatively easy trip. We arrived around 1 pm. Morro Bay is guarded by an immense rock structure and it is incredibly lovely here. Really feels like we are getting closer to southern living and away from the Pacific Northwest. We are at the dock at the Morro Bay Yacht Club and the view is spectacular. Marcus had only slept 2 hours or so we left him to shower and the three kids and I took the scooter and the skut bike and went to explore the little town for awhile. They have a very sweet little aquarium here and the kids liked feeding the sea lions they have there. And Max loved seeing his favorite animal up close: octopus.
We're just sitting on this lovely deck overlooking the "rock" and the marine traffic passing us by. Not sure how long we'll stay here (weather-dependent as usual!) but it feels nice here so I am glad to stay awhile if need be. If it weren't for the dang flies again! EVERYWHERE! Yuck.

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