Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Take Off For Landing" (aka Finally Leaving Encinal and Alternator Dies and then Coming Right Back)

Well, after a fun week of homeschooling and friends and relatives and the pool, we WERE heading out for Half Moon Bay early this morning... But it was not in the cards. Poor Marcus. The alternator blew (or something... he is down there right now problem-solving with other brilliant minds like Chris Carden). We are back at the pool, doing our schoolwork here today since the boat is torn apart. Again. It does give me a chance to get caught up on my blog! Some photos from the week:
A view of Appa at dusk at EYC, Alameda 

I guess this is why people love California.
It's been quite a week. LOTS of time with Pete and Rachelle which has been wonderful. We sure will miss them. And we had a fabulous lunch in Berkeley (for Rachelle, Samey and I) with Ginny near the Berkeley Yacht club on Fourth Street at Zut! including drinks with absinthe! WHOA. Samey learned to swim this week and now puts her head and face in the water and, wearing her little swim life jacket, she can swim all around the pool unassisted! Amazing! And Ben does front and back flips off the side of the pool incessantly. Max spent hours learning to splice and whip lines with Pete - quite a gift for him to learn these skills from someone with so much knowledge. I love the family time together and seeing the kids together. Yesterday, I got to spend some time with my old friend from graduate school (Thunderbird), Josephine Sabolboro, and her sweet 7 year old daughter Ava. Samey and I met them at Jack London Square in Oakland in a restaurant called The Forge. We haven't seen each other for 16 years or something crazy like that but it was like time stopped. She is just as beautiful, smart and fun as ever! They came back to EYC afterwards to meet the rest of the family and to see the boat. Fun!
Samey and Ava

Me and Josephine
 Here are some photos from this morning as we made our attempt to leave...
Pete, Rachelle, Max and Holm... And Appa!

Pete prepares to cut the lines.

So. We missed the tides today.We'll try again tomorrow. I guess, a usual these days, it was a computer user error... We should be fine tomorrow!!

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