Sunday, September 1, 2013

Redwoods to Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda, California!

If you've been following this religiously then you'll notice I took a couple of days off from reporting. Blame it on exhaustion. On Friday, Ben and Samey and I left Crescent City at 10:15 am after one last swim in the pool (nobody was eager to get back in the car), and headed south.

Goal? Make it it Marcus and Max by nighttime. And what an incredibly spectacular drive. 101 South in California is just so beautiful.
The redwoods took my breath away. Avenue of the Giants was incredible. If you've never seen them, you just can't imagine their magnitude and their magnificence.

A fallen giant almost as big as Ben!

Two mighty beings
We had to make several stops throughout the day (where's my pink crayon, I gotta go pee, I want ice cream, I can't find my headphones, I'm hungry, I gotta go pee again...) which set us back a bit but every stop was worth it. I also loved Mendocino County, Sonoma County - the vineyards, the rolling hills - driving through just as dusk set in. It was a very long but rewarding drive. And then, thanks to my beloved cousins Richard and Martha, I learned that the Bay Bridge was closed for the weekend and, with their help, we had to do a long detour in stop-and-go traffic and by the time we rolled into the Encinal Yacht Club in Alameda at 9 pm, I was spent. But we were SO glad to see not only Marcus and Max but also Pete and Rachelle there waiting to welcome us.
Oh, those silly bowls never get old!
We spent Saturday and most of today unpacking the car, packing up the boat, deciding what stays and what will go back in the Highlander with Holm when he drives it back up to Seattle. Ginny James came today for lunch at the Yacht Club and sat with us in the sun for a few hours while the kids swam and swam.
The Magnificent Ginny James
Pete and Marcus have been working on fixing some rigging problems and I decided it was time to update the blog. Lazy days here. Feels fine.


  1. Oh Jenny - so glad you guys made it safely! Just caught up on your blog and the trip down sounded harrowing! Happy faces in these photos make me happy...look forward to more postings. love, Janine

  2. Jennnniiffferrrr...

    Glad you made it... I hope the next stage of the adventure is better packed? Please say Hi to True Blue - Centurion 47 - on the way out. She is end tied about a 1/4 mile NW from you just before the house boats. And let her know I'll be there in 2 or 3 weeks for the climb north. I get down ever 4 weeks to sail her.

    Thinking of you, Marcus and family as you prepare to turn south again. Safe travels.